Belinda Bridgeman Academy of Dance - "Dreams Begin with One Step"
Dress Code

All required items must be purchased at the studio.

Tiny Dancers:
Lilac leoard with attached tulle skirt
Pink tights
Pink ballet slippers
Hair in a bun

Tiny Tap:
Black cap sleeve leotard
Pink Tights
Tap shoes
Hair in a bun
No skirts please

Solid black leotard
Pink Tights
Ballet/Contempory-Pink Ballet Slippers
Lyrical- Dance Paws
Hair in a bun
No skirts please

Hip-Hop/Jazz/Tap I:
Studio Red Cami
Solid black shorts
Tan tights
Jazz- Tan slip-on shoes   
Tap-Black lace up tap shoes

Hip-Hop/Jazz/Tap/Pro Cheer II 
and Above:
Red BBAD Cami
Black shorts
Tan Tights
Hip-Hop Jazz- Tan slip on jazz shoes
Tap- Lace up tap shoes

Black or white solid shirt
Black pants
Black dance shoes 

*Hair must be secured back at all times in either a pony tail or bun, depending on the class. Short hair must be secured with a headband and bobby pins. No stray hairs in the face please.