Belinda Bridgeman Academy of Dance - "Dreams Begin with One Step"
Studio Covid Guidelines 

The studio has been "newly" painted, sanitized and ready for our students to return in the fall. One major change is that the studio waiting room will now be for our STUDENTS ONLY waiting room. The smaller room will be used for privacy changing. Temporarily no parents will be in the building. You may drop off from your car or walk to the front of the building. We ask that you make sure children have washed their hands before coming into the studio and hand sanitizer will be available in the waiting area and the studio. We will be conducting temperature checks when entering the building.

There are many advantages to the studio:
1. I'm the Only teacher(less exposure)
2. I have multiple days and weekends to separate classes for small performances in the studio if necessary
3. Small class sizes
4. 1 studio for instruction

The studio is ready with open arms (6 feet distancing) to welcome our talented dancers back!  Space will be limited and spaces are all blocked off in 6X6 squares.   Students will wear a mask to their square and then remove it to dance (May leave it on if desired).   All belongings will be limited to dance shoes and water bottle which will be in each square.  All areas touched will be sanitized during and in between classes. There will consistently be sanitizing throughout the day.  ONLY dancers will be allowed in the studio.   I will video a monthly post  from each class so that parents may observe their progress.